Episode 008: St. Vincent’s Cadets

“How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me?”
Psalms 116:12

With this prayer as his life-time guide, Father Edward F. Wojtycha, of Polish
descent, knocked on the door of the Irish parish of St. Vincent de Paul in the
oil city of Bayonne, NJ to introduce himself to the paster, Father Joseph F.
Dolan, as his new assistant.
Little did either of them realize how he would forever change the city and parish.” …


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2 thoughts on “Episode 008: St. Vincent’s Cadets

  1. Jeff

    The first drum corps album I purchased as a member of a Canadian Air Cadet Band which eventually led me to marching with a top ten usa corp was this recording of St Vincents with Preston Scout House on the flip side of the album. I have never forgotten this album and over the many years since last listening to this album I still break into whistling "shuffle off to buffalo" – that is the impression this corps had on me. I am in my sixties and still active in drum corps – thats the impression drum corps has had on me (ps my wife thinks I am nuts). Thank you for bringing back these memories.

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