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History of the New York Skyliners

Episode 003: The New York Skyliners Part 3

“There are many words that can describe the emotions felt during the 1980s:
turbulence, disappointment, elation, satisfaction, agony, survival and sorrow.” …


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Episode 002: The New York Skyliners Part 2

“The start of the ‘Big Sound’ was in 1960, when the horn line went from 28 to 48 players. Eric Perriloux’s drum line became a fierce weapon and the corps won its first show in Jersey City, beating arch-rival Hawthorne.” …


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Episode 001: The New York Skyliners Part 1

“When New York Customs House employee William St. John organized a junior drum and bugle corps in 1932, the boys of his corps averaged 9 years of age. They lived in the area around the west end of 125th Street, where the West Side Subway rumbles over head.  There isn’t much room for kids to play there, except when police close off nearby La Salle Street as a play street in the hot summer months.” …


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