I find that the time constraints of Diceman Radio don’t give me the opportunity to delve as deeply into Drum Corps History as I’d like.
So I’m creating these podcasts to enable me to spend as much time as necessary on each topic.

Podcasts are just mp3 files that can be played almost anywhere.
You have the ability to either listen right here – or download and play on your computer, mp3 player, iPod, etc. whenever you want.

New Episodes will be published weekly for now, and will spend as much time as needed to relate the history of a particular drum corps, circuit, championship, etc.
Each episode will feature written material as well as snippets of drum corps performances to illustrate the years I discuss.
Hopefully you’ll hear some interesting tidbits and historical information you may not have known about your favorite corps!

These podcasts are completely free of charge, although we do accept donations on the Diceman Radio page.

Ron Allard

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  1. Les Carr

    I,m a board member of the Rochester Scottish Pipes and Drums. We heard of the demise of the drum corps, and quite disappointed due to you emmence popularity and prow-is.We are hoping to find some drummers for the pipe band. Ranting to play the Scottish method of drumming would be quite easy. I f you could give me info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Les Carr
    Pipe Sgt
    734 3513

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