Episode 071: St. Rita’s Brassmen

“The Saint Joseph Patron Parish was small, mostly Italian, and located in Brooklyn, New York. In 1956 the parish leaders were moved to organize a Sea Cadet corps for the youngsters of the neighborhood. The corps had a two-fold mission: to keep the kids out of trouble and to represent the church in parades for the annual Italian feast.” …


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9 thoughts on “Episode 071: St. Rita’s Brassmen

  1. Louie Luberto

    Great podcast nice to know that we were put up there with the best of them thanks to Tony Franco with out him there would have been no St. Joe's or St. Rita's.

  2. Rich Cole

    This was so great, it brought tears to my ears a couple of times. Thank you Ron for this first class presentation of our history. Hi to my brothers and sister, miss you guys.

    1. Rich Cole again

      A typo meant to type eyes, although, if I could've cried from my ears I sure would.

  3. Gregory M. Bruce

    Yeah – everything everybody else said. I wasn't part of all of it but the part of it I was was all of it to me. Stupendous work, Ron. Puppet.

  4. Johnny June

    As a member of the Brassmen Alumni when they first started up, I can only say I was amazed by the talent they had. The fact I had played in some great corps, Hawthorne Cabs and Alumni, as well as many other corps in the Long Island area, this was something special, and I was pysced to be there. Even though I never actually marched with them in their amazing Junior Corps years, I was made to feel as if I was one of them. Also playing Hy Drietzer charts was a dream come true. Thank you to all the Brassmen and I wish you luck in the future.

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