Episode 034: Crossmen

“The merger that became the world-famous Crossmen came about when two established corps decided they wanted to shoot for stardom.” …


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5 thoughts on “Episode 034: Crossmen

  1. Scott

    smdrum227 46 seconds ago
    I marched bones in 89 when? we placed 12th under direction of Scott Litzenberg. Carl Rocco took over in 90. Please check your facts.

  2. Bones

    Please revisit this podcast since it is riddled with inaccuracies…and possibly have a few alumni review it before recording.

    In this episode you have confused what happened in 1989 and 1990. Carl Rocco and the new uniforms didn't happen until 1990. You also completely ignore the enormous achievement of the 1989 corps (building off the previous years) of getting back into finals.

    There were other inaccuracies as well:
    Newtown is pronounced NEW TOWN not like the fig cookies.
    The corps didn't move to Newark, Delaware until the early 1990s and was based in West Chester through at least 1991 or 1992…practicing at Boeing Beach in the late 80's and later at a facility just outside of West Chester until the early 90's.
    Scott Litzenberg was director from 1987 through 1989.

    As a Crossmen alum, I am extremely disappointed in the portrayal of the incorrect information as well as the idea that the corps didn't receive standing ovations until the late 1990s. Additionally, there was no mention of the wonderful work done by the instructors of the late 80s/early 90s OR any information regarding the amazing job Fred Morrison and the staff has done since the corps moved to San Antonio.

    You have told only about 1/3 of the story here… please get some facts straightened out and re-record this so others learn the true history of the corps!

    Thank you!

    1. diceman719

      As mentioned in the beginning of the Podcast, this is an article written by Bob Fields in "A History of Drum and Bugle Corps" Volume II, published by Steve Vickers of Drum Corps World.

      You argument is with Bob, not me…

      But if you feel like writing an accurate history of the Crossmen, I will be happy to re-do this one…

      – Ron

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